La Casiana

La Casiana is roaster and coffee shop which is founded by Paul Sims in New Orleans. La Casiana attempts to always have on hand the widest possible variety of beans from Africa. They have coffees from two areas for now; one is from Ethiopia, the other is from Guatemala, they also offer you cold brew in the can that many people enjoy drinking. Besides, the new coffee varieties will be served soon. La Casiana is a great place for the speciality and high-premium arabica coffee from producers in Africa central and South America and the Indian-Pacific.

What we did?

We have created a modern, energetic look by reflecting the items, colors of African cultural and we have also have inspired by the nature and plants. The pastel based colors alludes to the brand’s main values and provides a contemporary, fresh look. We also emphasize the effect of the brand with the typefaces. We conveyed the mystical joyful we feel to the designs while we were drinking coffee.